The Fundamental Man

The Fundamental Man

Prides himself on delivering the best instruction to players so that they know what to practice and how to IMPROVE!

Basketball is a highly technical game of repetition and muscle memory.   Players need a technically detailed, clear and concise practice regimen in order to progress and improve.  

You Do NOT Need to “Play” to get Better…

BUT You DO NEED to DRILL to Get Better!

The Fundamental Man

As a Basketball Skill Development Specialist…

The Fundamental Man has created a ONE OF A KIND SYSTEMATIC PLAYER DEVELOPMENT SYSTEM, which is very advanced. 

The Fundamental Man’s Benchmark System!

This New System is going to be the Future of Individual Player Development within a Team Setting.

The Fundamental Man’s unique INDIVIDUAL PLAYER DEVELOPMENT BENCHMARK SYSTEM actually forces players to practice for a purpose in order to improve upon their weaknesses.  It it is based on a PASS/FAIL OBJECTIVE Skill Analyses, is extremely technical, and is the most effective way for players to train. The Benchmark System allows players to know EXACTLY what they need to practice in order to IMPROVE! And The Skill Assessments and Core Curriculum are based around different skill series’ that are age specific and implemented in a progressive sequence.  

The Prioritization of Footwork, Ball Handling, then Shooting!

Footwork is the foundation of the game.  And nearly 1/3 of the game of basketball is spent moving LATERALLYWhich is why  agility ladder skills and change of direction skills with the ball are essential for players.  Players must be aware of the weaknesses of their own movement patterns, have their posture and footwork corrected, and improve balance and coordination prior to developing basketball specific skills at faster and faster game speeds.

Ball Handling

Ball Handling ability, and confidence with change of direction skills with the ball are of utmost importance to a player’s development. Players must have correct footwork and advanced skill with the ball if they are to create and utilize effective set up moves, combo moves, and secondary moves off of the dribble. 

The 3 Variables of Ball Handling:

The Ball, The Floor, and The Player!

Of these 3 Variables, THE PLAYER is the only one that will ever change. In order to become an exceptional ball handler, players must be taught progressive ball handling skill regimens.  The technical processes of eliminating wasted kinesthetic movements, while minimizing room for error with the dribble must be conceptualized and taught.

Shooting The 6 Shots!

Outside of layups, runners, floaters, and various shots in the paint, there are essentially 6 types of shots that a player needs to be able to make consistently at game speeds:

1). Catch and Shoot Standstills

2). Off of the Screen from an Inside Pivot

3).  Off of the Dribble from a Crossover step

4). Off the Dribble from a Sweep and Go Step

5).  Spin Through’s

6). Stepbacks

All of which are extremely technical if executed correctly.  The remaining shots that advanced players work on are fadeaway’s, step through’s, runners, and hook shots. As opposed to dribbling, there are numerous other variables and many technical aspects associated with becoming a great shooter.  It doesn’t just happen by getting “more reps.”  Great Players Become Great at Both because they know HOW to PRACTICE!

The Fundamental Man…

Breaks down the complexity of different Footwork, Shooting, and Ball Handling Skills in a way that is unparallelled so that athletes can make instant modifications – leading to invaluable adjustments to their game.  The basketball training techniques that he has created are one of a kind!    In fact, he guarantees that his sequential breakdown of complex change of direction movements with the basketball is something that you have never seen before.

The Benchmark System itself is becoming more and more widely recognized as the best way to incentivize players to practice solely for personal improvement!