Amistad Basketball – Your Rent is Due!

I have heard that success is NOT owned.  It is LEASED.  And the rent is due EVERY DAY!

We all love to win.  We practice and prepare to win.  We compete to win.
Make no mistake, however – It’s not about winning or losing. After going winless in our first season – I know that it is the losses that teach you more about the game, and what you need to improve upon rather than the wins.
Losing teaches you more about yourself, your coaching staff, and your team more than winning does.  A lot of mistakes can be overlooked when you win.   But not when you lose. Winning doesn’t always tell you who you are when faced with adversity. Losing forces you to stare adversity in the face, and find answers to what you must do differently next time.
Win or lose – the outcome of a game cannot sustain you into the next day.  That’s the great thing about coaching a team throughout the course of an entire season.  Every day is a new day as long as you go into that day with conscious reminders of what you need to continue to do well, and what you need to improve upon.  Good coaches and good teams know that it isHOW you win or lose that determines your progress and potential as a developing team.
But after two deflating losses last week, I had seen enough…
It was time for The Amistad Basketball Program to “Put the Balls Away.”  The Players know what I mean when it is time “To Put the Balls Away.”  It means basketball practice without basketballs!
The message gets received pretty quickly:  We’re either going to play basketball the right way with intensity on the defensive end.  Or we are not going to play basketball.  Because Great Teams do NOT take defensive possessions off.  For one reason or another – the complacency that took place within our program throughout the two losses was fraught with defensive lapses due to a lack of intensity and immediacy.
Even more than that – it means it’s time to get back to work – Conditioning, Conditioning, Conditioning!
Because if players look and act tired in games – all that means to their coach is that they need to better conditioned to last longer.  After two fairly deflating losses in a row – the Amistad Team got back on track with a Solid Win over Hal Ray on Wed. Night.
Although winning in December and January is always nice.  It’s the rent that you pay now every day that allows you to profit in March!
Back to back games next week.
West Haven Next Tuesday.  North Branford Wed.
Back to work today…
Rent is due!

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