Amistad Basketball – Seniors Fair Well

Well, we lost 3 out of our last 5 without two of our starters this past week, but the battle continues on into the post-season for Amistad Basketball. As a team, we finished 13-7 this season – seven more wins than last year. However, after our final win of the season on Wed. at Goodwin Tech., we all agree that we have yet to really access our full potential as a team. And that we were capable of a much better overall regular season record. Hopefully, that means that we are poised, but not satisfied; that our best basketball is still ahead of us, and that there plenty of more games to be played.
But we also agreed that we have gone through quite a bit this season as a team – from losing players from our original roster, to 1 game suspensions for players, to injuries that knocked out our leading scorer for the past 4 games, and our point guard from even before that. But no matter what the ups and downs have been – the players that have remained have come together. And I can tell that they have bonded as a team, and that they believe in themselves and each other no matter what the ups and downs have been.
A team’s record doesn’t really matter much when it comes to the postseason anyway. The regular season is over, and really shouldn’t be thought about much anymore. It’s what’s in front of you that matters, because anyone can beat anyone on any given night in high school basketball.
Every year, teams with very strong regular season records go down early. And every year, some teams that barely squeak into the tournament go far. That’s part of the excitement of the postseason and the CIAC Tournament. It’s the team that commits to playing most like a team that triumphs in the postseason.
Last year, we weren’t ready to win in the postseason.
This year, we will be.

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