Amistad Basketball – States, Here We Come!

On the road, The Amistad Wolves won a Big Game over Cromwell Tuesday night, giving us our 8th win of the season, which qualifies us for postseason play in the CIAC State Tournament. It was a terrific game on all accounts. Cromwell came into the game at 10-1 on the season, and are expected to compete for the Shoreline Conference Championship, as well as the Class M State Championship this year.
Amistad got off to a very slow start, down 10 early in the game, and down 7 at the half. However, the press took hold over time, and we were able to outscore Cromwell in the 3rd and 4th quarter. Up 5 with 3 minutes to go, our team was starting to look like the team that held that same lead a year ago in the first round of the State Tournament. Two turnovers, and a missed shot allowed Cromwell to score on back to back trips, as they hit a 3 point shot with just over a minute to play to tie the game. Chris Gibbs responded with a 3 pointer of his own to put Amistad ahead for good on the ensuing possession – with a final score of 56-54.
But the game did not end without its share of drama. While Amistad ran the clock down and Cromwell was forced to foul – A simultaneous foul call and 3 second violation call by both officials resulted in one official overruling the other and giving the ball back to Cromwell. On the ensuing possession, a defensive stop by Amistad forced a Cromwell turnover and gave Amistad back the ball. As Cromwell was forced to foul, we were up two at the free throw line, with 1.8 seconds left. After missing the free throw, a loose ball ensued, which Cromwell regained possession of – then called timeout as time ran off the clock.
The Game should have been ruled over as the timeout was granted as the buzzer sounded. Instead, the referees decided to give Cromwell back the ball, and randomly decided that they should have 1.2 seconds on the clock despite NOT having definitive knowledge that there was any time on the scoreboard. As a former referee – it was not the right call, and would have been a terrible blunder had Cromwell somehow managed to score on the ensuing inbounds. After the timeout – the full court heave was intercepted by an Amistad Player and the game officially ended for the second and final time.
Less than 24 hours later and back on the road, Amistad Followed up the Cromwell win with a 78-39 win over Eli Whitney. After a couple of early season letdowns in games, the tenacity of our team defense has seemed to re-emerge, as we hope to keep the momentum rolling into a 3 game week next week. Monday we play one of the only remaining unbeaten teams in the state, Goodwin Tech, at home. But as guaranteed by their coach, once we made states – it was time to take a step back and enjoy our accomplishments as a team thus far…
Pizza for Everyone after Thursday’s Practice!

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