Amistad Basketball – Success is the Outcome

The Greatest reminder I have ever received about winning or losing comes from John Wooden.

He said, “That if a spectator had not seen the game and walked into the gym right as the buzzer sounded – I would hope that he would not be able to determine whether you won or lost based on your actions.”
It doesn’t matter who wins or loses, how talented players are, or how much knowledge or game strategy a coach has.
That’s the standard.
That’s the outcome.

That’s as good as it gets.

We all have growth areas in how we approach life, carry out our days, and how we think about anything of significance when it has ended. Whether painful or enjoyable – we get to learn something more important about ourselves and those that we keep around us.

That’s the outcome.

Coaches may be called mentors or even teachers. But coaches have to always be mindful that in the end, basketball will always be just a game. But being a coach of the game gives us the opportunity to be leaders of young men.
That is the outcome.

As John Wooden also stated, success is only measured by doing the best of which you are capable. And after the season ends, which it does for everyone – the season can be reduced to a few simple questions:
Am I better coach than I was before? Am I a better person than I was before? Are my players better players than they were before? Are they better people?

No matter how or when it ends – If a coach can answer “Yes” to these questions – then that’s all that matters.
That is the outcome.

On a certain level, as the head coach of Amistad, I know that some people are aware of the triumphs of our Program’s development. But I also know that only those whom were there – day in and day out – every day since its inception – truly know what we have all learned and gained from being with each other. From when it “Started from Scratch” to how we became “Team Blue.”
That is the outcome.
Alright, boys… “It’s what you do AFTER the Buzzer that counts.”

Love Team Blue.

~ Coach

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