Amistad Basketball – Week 2 – Defense First, Multi-Vitamin Second!

Great teams communicate constantly on the Defensive side of the ball.

That is why as a coaching staff, we have striven every day to improve upon our players’ defensive callouts and communication.  In this respect, our defensive team play has improved as we have honed in on our Defensive Principles with respect to Man to Man.  As a result, our 2nd week of the season went a little better than the first with or scrimmages, too.  We played much better on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball in our 3 way scrimmage with Oxford and East Windsor on Saturday Night.
We have added quite a few new callouts and responsibilities this season, and the players are adjusting slowly to the demands of incessant communication on the Defensive End.  But in order for us to be successful on the both ends of the floor it is absolutely essential to verbally communicate on the Defensive End.
We have also been struggling with the early season flu bug, as a few of the players have been under the weather.  Each player in my program is instructed to balance exertion and rest, drink 96 ounces of water each day, get to bed by 10:30 PM, and take a multi-vitamin before bed each night.
 I am sure several of them are not adhering to this advice, and are paying the price for it as we get into the early grind of the season.  Similar to when a team offense or defense breaks down on the court, it’s too easy for an entire team to get sick when one player gets a cold or doesn’t take of their body during season.
With a 20 game season this year (15 of which are on the road), and with less recovery/practice time between games – we’re going to need to be on the ball each and every day.
First Game is Thursday at Griswold.
Saturday at Maloney.
We’ll see what happens.

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