Rich Walton’s Fundamental Basketball Experience DVD

Coach Walton and has seen most “Big Name” Basketball DVD’s and thinks that most of them just don’t teach the kinesthetic mechanics and skill development techniques that really help players and coaches all that much.  Rich Walton’s Fundamental Basketball Experience DVD was created and implemented with the focused intent of servicing BOTH Coaches and Players! 

By the way,  the kid from the DVD is

now a a member of Louisville’s Basketball Program

Guarantee to ALL Players:

“Rich Walton’s Fundamental Basketball Experience DVD” was made for YOU to USE! No matter what your current level of play (including college players!) – Proficiency with the handling the ball is Paramount!  As you traverse through the 6 Sequential Stages of Ballhandling Mastery – your proficiency, fluency, and speed with the ball will accelerate naturally and extraordinarily!  Coach Walton has literally worked with hundreds of high school and college players individually.  He has witnessed countless players become versatile scorers using his system, and has seen them develop confidence with the ball that is second to none using these techniques!

The Fundamental Man’s Basketball Experience DVD

is for players that want to advance to a level of 

Ball Handling Mastery!    

Learn the 6 Stages of Ball Handling Mastery! 

Master new, exciting, versatile, and advanced moves.

Learn to see the game, practice the game, feel the game, play the game and teach the game in a whole new way!

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The Fundamental Man’s Basketball Experience DVD


Features of Rich Walton’s Fundamental Basketball Experience DVD

  1. Slow Motion Split Screen Enhancement for Drill Clarity and Refined Mastery of Skill Work!
  2. Text Formatting within Skill Drill Sets to accompany Audio and Visual Learning.
  3. Advanced Philosophical Points of Emphasis:
    1. When to use (OR NOT USE!) The JumpStop!
    2. How to Properly Execute 3 Dribble Change of Direction Moves!
    3. How to use the most Efficient Kinesthetic Movements in order to Maximize Ballhandling Proficiency and Explosiveness!

A Final Thought:

“Rich Walton’s Fundamental Basketball Experience DVD” was designed for ALL COACHES AND PLAYERS THAT LOVE THE GAME!  It is his personal guarantee that if you utilize the skills that are set forth in the DVD and Training Regimen – then you will have access to drills“that very few players are using!”   If you are serious about having access to the right information on how to develop your game, this is as good as it gets!