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Special 5 Week Super Program (5 Payments)

$105.00 / week for 5 weeks

Product Description

3 x per week


July 9th – August 9th!

Every Mon, Tues, Thurs

6:15-9:00 PM

Country School 341 Opening Hill Road, Madison, CT 06443


Skills And Techniques Covered a this July Super Camp:

We don’t skip the fundamentals. That’s why we have so many “inside pivot” 20-30+ point per game performers.  We will cover a  variety of scoring options for players that have already mastered the “Fundamentals,” “Breakdown Moves” skills, and are more advanced offensive scoring threats with . Multiple Advanced shooting series’ and change of direction from a catch with the basketball are incorporated.  Advanced level timed skill assessments.  Every skill that is taught  is an essential skill that all competitive basketball players need to have.

Techniques covered:


  1. Footwork 
  2. 2 ball skills
  3. Athletic position
  4. Inside pivot shooting series 
  5. Change of direction skills with ball 
  6. Finishing off of either foot with either hand on either side of the basket

Our Experience:

Most kids do not have the specific “Fundamental” skills (despite their age or experience). Skipping over the the “Fundamentals” hurts players’ development. We have seen players skip over the Fundamentals only to become frustrated because they did not realize how essential the skills we teach are in order to improve competitive play.  

Breakdown Moves” Skills And Techniques Covered:


  1. Set up moves 
  2. Transition moves 
  3. Breakdown moves 
  4. Change of direction 
  5. Timed assessments
  6. Advanced finishing skills
  7. 2 ball change of direction 
  8. Beating rotating defenders
  9. Beating perimeter defenders 
  10. Inside pivot advanced shooting series

Our Experience:

Designed for players to learn and execute an advanced repertoire of attacking skills, set up moves, and change of direction skills in transition. Coordination with both footwork and the ball are paramount As players are repeatedly timed and tested on our skill assessments, Players will improve coordination, control, rhythm and speed with the basketball.. Players gain confidence while going through the skill programming. Expect to see a ton of improvement. 

Advanced skills and techniques covered:


  1. Double Moves 
  2. Breakdown moves 
  3. Combination moves 
  4. Advanced 2 ball skills 
  5. Advanced finishing skills 
  6. Advanced change of direction 
  7. Mid-range scoring and deception 
  8. Creating separation / scoring angles 
  9. Advanced shooting series’ techniques

Our Experience:

Get ready to become a more advanced  offensive scoring threat.  Multiple Advanced shooting series’ and change of direction from a catch with the basketball are incorporated.  Advanced level timed skill assessments. 




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