Box and One Basketball – Why it’s better

FIND OUT WHY… Over 125 basketball families have already joined “BOX AND ONE” Basketball!! 

Learn why we do it this way!

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The short answer to why we do it this way is because the kids take off way faster and play the game at a superior level when they have mastered our skill sets.  No matter what anyone tells you, your son or daughter will never play basketball at their highest level if they do not master our techniques, programming, and skill sets.  

There are a million reasons why we do it this way.

  • Skill development
  • Injury prevention
  • Meaningful reps
  • Exceptional technique
  • Correct feedback
  • Achievement

Basketball is a game of precision, with fine motor skills and recurring movement patterns.  You play your best basketball when you train with us because you implement techniques that most players and coaches are not even aware of.

When you train with “Box and One” Basketball, we take you through very specific programming to help you get more confident with the ball and more coordinated.

Eventually, you learn all of the advanced skills that the most advanced players regularly use in games. You just have to go through the 4 different levels of the program that we use. As you do this, you improve rapidly.

It does not take much time when you know what to do and you are doing the right things. We can fix a player’s shot in 1 session so that they are making 10, 12, 15, 16 shots in a row from all over the floor.

Isn’t that why you play basketball?  

To be able to change direction, use various moves and counter moves, then be able to score with a variety of skills.

That is what happens to the players that train with us. They develop a superior level of confidence, control, rhythm, and coordination in order to be able to execute more and more advanced skills without thinking. 

That is when the game really becomes fun!

(when you become super good at it!)

You may be good at it right now,… but what you think is “good” vs what you really need if you want to become better is to develop the skills that we are renowned for teaching players.

There is not a way around these skills! They. ARE. ESSENTIAL!

We have 4 different levels of player development that we expect players to be able to master. 

These skills are taught to you by us in a very specific way because no matter what, you cannot skip over them.  They are essential skills of the game if you really want to become a basketball player.

Time and time again!…

We see players that struggle with skills early on in the workout become more adept and look smoother within 75 minutes.  
This is one of the most amazing aspects of the game of basketball — muscle memory develops very fast (when you know what to do!). 

This is why gaining rhythm, control and coordination with your body and the ball are the highest priority when learning new skills. 

It happens. FAST!

Coordination, rhythm, control and speed all take place naturally in a very short amount of time — so long as you stay with it. Correct techniques, adequate repetitions, and continuous feedback help players make these important adjustments.

Clear visual progressions, techniques, reps, and feedback. The best way for kids to learn.

The kids see the techniques all on video first.


Then they get reps and the feedback


Box and One Basketball – Why it’s better

The Programming!

(More isn’t better. Better is better!).

The main reason that players have such phenomenal games after training with us is because we often stay with a small number of skills within a workout series before moving forward with the players. Just honing in on these important skills that are going to lead to more confidence. There is one more reason, too!!…

Before you know it, you have mastered 30, 40, 50, 60, new, important basketball skills…

These skills then make learning other new skills easier!
Before you know it, you are evolving from a kid that “plays basketball” to becoming…

A Basketball Player!




“This is exactly how it is supposed to be done.” – Joe Trapani, Boston Celtics