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Fall Basketball – Brand NEW Training Concept!

(Our Best Player Development Model Ever!)

– Small Group Training! –

There is a far better player development model that helps players focus on getting better at basketball (rather than just playing more meaningless games) 

This model gives everyone the best of everything – no matter what the kids have going on otherwise.

This model is designed to put the kids in the best position to be most successful by using small group instruction with the right player groupings, while also being as flexible as possible for parents — with days, times, cost, convenience, etc.

We have designed it all around all of the factors (AAU, Fall Sports, school, rest / recovery, cost, convenience, player groupings)    
The structure that we are doing with this program: 

It is designed for serious basketball players to be able to get into the gym 1-2 times a week whenever you can or want to.  It all works around the flexibility of your schedule. We have player groups so that the kids are all in classes with similar kids. Players will be challenged with kids that are of the same ability. 
We will have the class schedule for the kids and parents soon. 


  • 1280 Newfield St, Middletown, CT 06457

This Small Group Training Program Will Be Full

Reps / Feedback


The Best Model

“I think the program is exceptional. If someone’s child loves basketball and wants to be a solid player this program provides skills, confidence, dexterity, and a true love for the sport. My son personally has grown tremendously and is beginning to see the difference in his own skillset. Coaches are great with the kids. Great values instilled.”